Why we think electric bike conversion kits can save our cities

There are many issues that governments around the whole world face. Growing populations, unemployment to name a some but another more pressing issue in most of the major cities is traffic congestion. This is a major problem especially in those cities who do not have the infrastructure in place to deal with growing populations. Cities like London and New York have the underground and the subway in place so they are more ready to deal with this issue.

Smaller growing cities around the world like Dublin do not have an underground and have experienced huge growth in the last few years. Dublin is a good example as it is fast becoming the tech hub of Europe but does not have the infrastructure of other major cities to deal with the huge population boom. Dublin only got the light rail system in place about 15 years ago so it is somewhat behind other major cities when it comes to public transport.

A short term solution being suggested here is using electric bikes to get around instead of using your car. You can convert your bike into an electric bike with an electric bike conversion kit for only a few hundred euro. This means that you can commute to and from work with the help of an electric motor. One of the leading advocates of this has a good article at www.ebikeobsessed.co.uk. If 5% of the population used the electric bike conversion kits on their standard bikes then it would take huge pressure of the road network. Another alternative is using electric scooters which also of course run on eco friendly electric motors. According to escooterstore.ie it only costs €.01 to fully charge your electric scooter so not only is it good for the road network you are also saving a fortune!

These new electric technologies should be looked at seriously at helping our road networks and also saving the environment.

What to look for when buying an Electric scooter

Electric scooters are going to take the world by storm in the next couple of years. Companies like Lime are receiving millions of dollars in investment to launch their electric scooter rental business and it is a sign of things to come. Although they might not yet be socially acceptable neither was online dating for that matter only a decade ago and now everyone is doing it. Electric scooters are an immediate solution to a lot of problems in many world cities all over the world. That being overcrowding and pollution as major ones. A few issues need to be resolved first such as where can people ride them and is there infrastructure in place for a large percentage of the population to ride these electric scooters?

What does the law say about electric scooters?

electric scooterThe law says in Ireland that to ride an electric scooter you need to have a license an insurance. This is silly and will more than likely be changed in the coming months or years as even the government are recognizing the potential of these electric scooters in Ireland’s towns and cities. The minister for transport will surely put in place a new law for these electric scooters which will be more like the bike laws rather than a motorized vehicle which they are currently classed as now.

A new market:

With new inventions comes new markets and it is good for business. Think of the iPhone for example, you have iPhone repairs and people selling used iPhone’s so a whole new industry was created. The same will be for electric scooters with Irish companies like iesearch leading the way forward. We truly believe this is the future both here in Ireland and further afield.





How to stop your dash cam from crashing

As a musician, there are a lot of reasons for me to use the dash cam on my iPhone. I’ll want to record something at a show or a demo of a song, and the camcorder function works great for that purpose–it even allows users to easily upload their videos to YouTube.

Unfortunately, it’s got a few bugs in it, and one of the most common is crashing when uploading videos to YouTube. The iPhone may freeze or it may not allow the user to select a category, which can be frustrating; you have to try to upload videos multiple times, re-entering the information with the iPhone’s tiny keyboard each time.

Fortunately, it’s an easy bug to fix. Here are a few tips for stopping the iPhone’s “dash cam” app from crashing.

Keep enough space free. The dash cam app uses a lot of space and it may not work properly if you have less than about a gigabyte of free space on your iPhone. You can check your free space in the Settings menu or by plugging your iPhone into a computer and opening iTunes.

Try to keep at least a gigabyte of free space at all times–the iPhone generally operates better with a little bit of room.

Close the dash cam app and re-open it. To do this, go to your iPhone’s “Home” screen, then quickly press the “Home” button two times. Thumbnails of your current open Apps will be at the bottom of your screen. The dash cam app should be right near the beginning if you were recently using it.

Hold your finger on the dash cam app until a little red minus circle appears, then tap that minus. This closes the app, and you can reopen it to get the dash cam to work properly again.

If bugs persist and the dash cam app keeps crashing, reset your iPhone by holding the power button for a few seconds and swiping the red bar. When you turn the iPhone back on, dash cam issues shouldn’t occur unless there isn’t enough free space for the App to operate.

Check the “Category” tag first. The dash cam app will often prevent the iPhone user from selecting a YouTube category, which wastes a lot of the time you spent typing. To avoid this bug, always scroll down and make sure that you can use the “Category” tag when you’re trying to upload a video to YouTube.

Have any other tips for stopping an iPhone’s dash cam app from crashing? Have questions? Post in the comments section below. This guide was brought to you by dashcameras.ie/.

Things to do before you sell your iPhone

It seems like there is a new iPhone being released every couple of months making the one you have feel older and older with each new release. Of course most people are happy with the phones they have and a lot of people only really upgrade because they feel the need to. Also the more new iPhone’s are released the less our currenty (older) model is worth. That said according to music magpie iPhone’s have the lowest depreciation of any brand of phone so that is good news for iPhone owners.

Getting a new iPhone can be a pain. Not just because they are expensive but the stress of moving all of your info on to a new phone can be a real pain especially if you are not that tech  inclined like a lot of people. A lot of people find getting a new phone daunting because of this task but to be fair to Apple at least all of their phones run on the same operating system so there is not too much new to learn there. Making sure you have your contacts backed up, texts, apps, photos, videos and whats app can all be a real stress.

The first thing to do when selling your iPhone is to back up all your contacts. You can do this using Apples cloud or any third party storage service but the iCloud is actually very cheap. Turning off Find my iPhone app is the next phase. Without this turned off no one else can use your phone. Once the phone is backed up you can factory reset or wipe the phone so none of your old data or details is there for anyone else to see.

If your phone is damaged you can still sell it online or trade it in to somewhere like https://www.phonesforsale.ie/ who repair broken iPhone’s and resell them. This means that no matter what your iPhone is still worth something..even if it is only the chip inside that makes you a few euros!




Are teeth whitening strips safe to use?

Teeth whitening has become big business over the last 10 years or so. Before this of course teeth whitening was big but to have your teeth whitened you use to have to go in to a dentists and have it done either by laser or by whitening gel. Oh how times have changed! Now a days you can buy teeth whitening strips and kits online and they have become extremely popular but are they safe to use? Most teeth whitening products use some form of peroxide which whitens your teeth. Depending on the product you will have difference percentages of the peroxide in the strips or kit.

is teeth whitening safeA safe percentage of peroxide is under 50%. Any more than that can actually be damaging to your teeth especially if you leave the strips or kit in too long. You should of course ask your dentist before using any of these home teeth whitening kits as if you have an infection of abscess in the tooth this can be very dangerous. You should also ask your dentist which teeth whitening method he recommends for your teeth.

Another option is to go the natural route. There are now a range of activated charcoal teeth whitening products that are made from natural charcoal. Believe it or not this does actually whiten your teeth and these products are considered safe and effective and have blown up on social media.

No matter what option you decide to go for make sure it has the seal of approval and do some research on the product before you buy it. The website https://www.glorysmile.ie sell a range of natural whitening products so this is a good option especially if you have never done it before and are a bit apprehensive. You can also get a range of teeth whitening tooth paste that is also a natural product. Again this is safe and also takes less time and effort when compared with the strips and kits so this is a very good starter option.



Are hoverboards safe to use in 2018?

There has been much press about the hoverboard electric scooters as of late and this bad press just won’t seem to go away. Hoverboards have been around a while now but they are still somewhere of a novelty and everyone who has one seems to love them. The issue has been that some of these boards have been rushed to market to meet demand and this meant that not all necessary standards were applied to the electronics in the boards. This goes back a few years now to when there were reports of house that were burnt down due to hoverboards over heating and catching fire. Of course this is massively dangerous and it is a miracle no one has been injured by this.

Now here we are in 2018 so where do we stand on these hoverboards. They say that there is no such thing as bad press but in this case I believe many people have been put off buying the boards due to safety concerns. After having done some research I found the website https://www.it-directory.ie/ who seem to be one of the biggest suppliers of these boards in the EU and they do have a page dedicated to safety and how their boards are safety certified. This would indicate to me that the concern over the boards is still there as most of the website is labelled with stuff about these boards.

After a bit more research you can see that most of the boards being sold are not only CE certified but also have certifications for the USA and something called a UL2272 which is some sort of battery certification. This should indicate that the batteries in these boards safe as they have gone through the correct testing.


What is the best action camera under £100?

There are many action cameras available these days including everything like action cameras from £50 all the way up to the thousands of pounds mark. So what is the difference between the various cameras and why is there such a drastic difference in the pricing of these cameras. Of course this is the case with pretty much any product. For example a car can range from £100 all the way up the hundreds of thousands. They are both cars but are they really the same..do they give the same performance? Are the engines the same? What about the technology? So this is exactly the same with action cameras.

The Sjcam was one of the first budget action cameras to really make an impact and it has been very successful. It is a high definition camera with multiple shooting modes and for the price it is a very good device. There are other options such as the YI smart action camera from https://www.yicameras.co.uk/ that is a level above the Sjcam but also a little more expensive. Both are very good budget action cameras and should be plenty good for the average user who just wants to record a trip or general things.

For those of you who are big into editing and photography then these may not be what you are looking for but that is quite the obvious case with anything. In this case a budget action camera should do anyone who wants to record a few videos a year such as a holiday with friends.

How Australia has taken to the Android Box

It is funny how as an outsider you can see the little changes that takes a country. There are many Irish who move to Australia as the Irish have access to a 1 year visa which can be gotten by any Irish citizen. Thousands of Irish move each year to Australia for a taste of the sun and the great outdoor lifestyle and with them they bring many good business ideas. Irish people are well known to be TV addicts, perhaps due to the cold climate so they are forced indoors for several months of the year. When coming to Australia John Doyle noticed that not many people had heard of an Android TV box and decided to start selling them here on his Facebook page. Word started to spread about these boxes and soon he was drowning in orders.

From there he decided to expand the range of android boxes he had and to even open his own website at Android TV Australia where he ships the boxes nationwide with Australia Post. As the android boxes became more well known his business grew and now he lives full time in Australia after only thinking he would go there for a year.

It is a great example of someone moving to another country and seeing an opportunity to setup a business with an idea that is very popular back home. There are many of these stories and now the android box is very popular in Australia as it is in Ireland.

Years ago before the internet it used to be people visiting America to pick up tips and business ideas and bring them back to Europe but as the internet developed and the world became more like America these opportunities seem to be few and far between. So keep an eye out next time your on holidays..it could pay off!


The Features And Specs of Android TV Boxes

Have you heard about all of the Android TV boxes? If you have not, it is definitely time to begin exploring these devices, which can be tremendously advantageous. With one of these boxes, you’ll be able to save money, while maintaining the same level of entertainment as you would with your cable television. Below, you will learn about the features and specifications of Android TV boxes.

android tv boxesWhat is an Android TV box?

First and foremost, it is important to learn about this device. What is it and what does it do? According to androidtvboxuk.co.uk the Android box is like a cable box and is capable of transforming your television into an Android Smart Television. With this box, you won’t have to pay for cable, a new smart TV, or a streaming box. The Android TV box is capable of doing it all!

Specs To Note

Each Android TV box is different and will have different features and specifications. Therefore, it is vital to look closely, at these, when making your purchase. Below, you will find the specs that should be recognized.

  • Built in storage space
  • Processor and RAM
  • Ports

Each of these is exceptionally important! Make sure that your get the very best box and features possible, before making your purchase.


At the end of the day, an Android television box can be very helpful and will save you money! If you’re interested in purchasing one of these boxes, you should do so, after you’ve researched carefully.

Three Reasons why you need an internet TV Box

For those of you who are not aware you don’t have to pay big monthly subscriptions to the TV companies to get all the channels out there. Over the last few years there has been an increase in internet TV boxes which have steadily improved their capabilities to become a full entertainment system in a box. Here is five reasons that internet TV boxes have become so popular in the last year to two years:internet tv box

1. No more TV Bills

For a full TV package the bill can be pretty price and nearing the €100/month mark. This doesn’t seem like it is going to go down anytime soon and has even gone up in the last year. With an internet TV Box you don’t need to be paying a subscription, you simply buy the box and everything works via the internet. This means you can save over €1,000 per year by having this internet box.

2. Have all your favorite shows on demand

On top of paying a hefty TV subscription half the time there is nothing decent on to watch. With the internet TV Box you have thousands of movies and shows on demand so can watch them any time.

3. No more advertisements

It is estimated that 30% of TV air time is advertisements. That is a huge percentage when you think of how much people watch TV each week. With the internet TV box you will have barely any advertisements and can simply enjoy your favorite TV shows.

An internet TV box will change the way you entertain yourself whether you are a TV addict or just like the occasional movie these devices give you full control over your entertainment systems.