Using the Tefal Actifry Fryer – a Guarantee for healthier fried food!

Frankly speaking, most of us love the taste of fried food (chips in particular). As strange as it may sound, even though the deep frying of chips is known to bring out a crispy golden texture, truth is, it is not very good for your overall health. What’s more, it is impossible to enjoy fried food on a daily basis under the pretence that you are on a healthy diet. In spite of the above however, there is some good news, this is the fact that: there is an alternative revolutionary fryer which guarantees you a chance to make your fried food healthier.

black tefal actifryInnovate cookware company Tefal recently introduced the Tefal Actifry Fryer which most people who have had the chance to use have openly admitted that it produces quality fried food while at the same time using very little oil which as a matter of fact is very healthy. Tefal’s fryer has proven to be a completely revolutionary fryer which has the capacity to cook a fairly large amount of chips (enough to feed four adults) yet using only a single spoon of cooking oil. This use of little cooking oil roughly results into around three percent fat in the food upon being completely cooked. As a result, not only has it made frying food much more economical, it has also significantly made it much safer to fry food plus cleaning the fryer is also very easy compared to other common traditional deep fat fryers.

It is equally worth noting that, just like traditional fryers, using the Tefal Actifry Fryer is not only limited to cooking chips, this is because the fryer can also be used to prepare an assortment of other meals e.g. meat products, fish, stir fry veggies sometimes even pudding just to mention a few. The non stick tefal pan makes it very easy to cook almost anything since it rules out the possibility of having problems while cleaning the fryer.

The best thing about the Tefal Actifry Fryer is the fact that it is characteristic of a design which makes it very easy to use. This is clearly evident from the fact that all that you need to do is simply to add the food which you would like to prepare and then add a small amount of cooking oil, preset the fryer’s timer and let the fryer do the rest. When the food is ready the fryer’s in built alarm will alert you. Take note, while using this fryer; forget all about preheating the pan or better yet rotating food in person since the fryer is designed to do all of that for you. In case you are interested in following up on the status of the food being cooked you can easily do so by looking through the see through cover lid at the top of the fryer. In addition to the above, there is also an odorless filter which means that your kitchen will forever remain free from the smell of the food that you are cooking.

Even though the Tefal Actifry Fryer seems slightly expensive compared to other common fryers, truth is, it offer great value coupled with several benefits. Having looked online we found that the was the best value. In fact, this particular product delivers on quality owing to the reputation which precedes tefal the manufacturer (which is known as a leading manufacturer of highly innovative cook ware).

Get Your Selfie Stick For This Years Festival

Although I am a self proclaimed hater of all things social media especially Facebook I have fallen victim to the craze of selfies lately. I think I used to take the idea of the selfie a bit too seriously and always thought people that took them were self obsessed and self centred. Whilst this is still the case I do think that most people just take them for the fun of it rather than anything more self centred than the above.
So anyway..long story short is I ordered a selfie stick from because I am going travelling with one of my best mates in the summer. We plan on going to south east Asia and then continue on down to Australia and finally New Zealand. A lot depends on money of course (what doesn’t!) but we hope to be able to do at least four months but possibly six months depending on funds and how exhausted we are from all the partying!
When I get a chance I will upload some new pics I took with the selfie stick. A good group of us went out last Saturday night and even though I got some grief for bringing my “nerdy” selfie stick I got some pretty cool pictures with it and it turned out to be a great conversation starter. I don’t think many pubs and clubs will want people with selfie sticks in their establishments though as they can be used as weapons and have being banned in most football stadiums in the last few weeks so I didn’t draw too much attention to myself.
Anyway I will be keeping you guys updated with my travel plants and as I said I will upload some of my selfie stick pics in the next few days! If any of you have been to any of the places we are going all advice is much appreciated. Thanks.