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Learn how you can improve your networking with a WIFI Booster

wifi boostersCan you imagine a world without internet and how much the world has changed in the last 25 years? Internet has become a big part of our day to day lives and even going a couple of hours without it can spark panic in many people. Perhaps we have become over dependent on the internet and let it take over our lives. Take a simple example…next time you are out for dinner see how many people are on their phones as opposed to conversing with those they are actually out with. This shows you just how addicted we have become to our phones. A large part of this is because of social networking sites such as Facebook which in our opinion actually make you much less sociable as seen in our example above.

Another example is of people who have thousands of Facebook friends but how many of these people do they know really? Some people are friends with people on Facebook but would not actually say Hello to the person in real life..which is funny but also a bit strange and shows how different we act online when compared with in our day to day lives. Part of my home does not have WIFI access we live in a large house in the country and whenever my friends are over and they can’t get onto the WIFI then they tend to have a small panic attack. I find it quite funny but it is also fairly annoying so I went and got a WIFI booster from to strengthen the network upstairs.

Anyway I guess as a society we have to accept the internet as a large part of our lives but I know I ban my friends from using their phones if we are out for dinner as friends and family are more important than watching what strangers get up to online!