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Openbox V8S replacement has arrived

For those of you who are not familiar the openbox V8S is a freesat receiver box. It allows you to get all of the freesat receiver channels without having to pay for an expensive subscription to companies like Sky or BT who can charge over €100 per month for access to all of their channels. In saying that of course some of these channels are subscription based such as Sky or BT sports and these are not available on an Openbox V8S without a subscription. It is true that there are sellers on market place websites such as Ebay selling what is known as “gifts” which essentially means free access to subscription channels. This is of course illegal and companies such as Sky and BT are putting pressure on these websites to ban such sellers.

openbox v8s

With that said over 100 channels are available for free on the Openbox V8S and this is what the box is made for. It is not made to be used in an illegal fashion by the company Vontar who make the boxes. Other than the subcription based sports channels the Openbox V8S pretty much gets everything else that is offered on the Sky box with the exception of the movies channels and MTV. Considering the savings that can be made it is something to consider and it will even work with your existing Sky satellite dish. So if you already have Sky then all you need to do is plug out your Sky box and plug in the Openbox receiver and you are instantly watching free to air channels without any monthly bills. This is a great option for those looking to save money. The Openbox V8S goes for about €75.00 so it is not going to break the bank and some people are paying that per month on subscription TV.