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Why we think electric bike conversion kits can save our cities

ebike conversion kits

There are many issues that governments around the whole world face. Growing populations, unemployment to name a some but another more pressing issue in most of the major cities is traffic congestion. This is a major problem especially in those cities who do not have the infrastructure in place to deal with growing populations. Cities like London and New York have the underground and the subway in place so they are more ready to deal with this issue.

Smaller growing cities around the world like Dublin do not have an underground and have experienced huge growth in the last few years. Dublin is a good example as it is fast becoming the tech hub of Europe but does not have the infrastructure of other major cities to deal with the huge population boom. Dublin only got the light rail system in place about 15 years ago so it is somewhat behind other major cities when it comes to public transport.

A short term solution being suggested here is using electric bikes to get around instead of using your car. You can convert your bike into an electric bike with an electric bike conversion kit for only a few hundred euro. This means that you can commute to and from work with the help of an electric motor. One of the leading advocates of this has a good article at If 5% of the population used the electric bike conversion kits on their standard bikes then it would take huge pressure of the road network. Another alternative is using electric scooters which also of course run on eco friendly electric motors. According to it only costs €.01 to fully charge your electric scooter so not only is it good for the road network you are also saving a fortune!

These new electric technologies should be looked at seriously at helping our road networks and also saving the environment.