Are hoverboards safe to use in 2018?

There has been much press about the hoverboard electric scooters as of late and this bad press just won’t seem to go away. Hoverboards have been around a while now but they are still somewhere of a novelty and everyone who has one seems to love them. The issue has been that some of these boards have been rushed to market to meet demand and this meant that not all necessary standards were applied to the electronics in the boards. This goes back a few years now to when there were reports of house that were burnt down due to hoverboards over heating and catching fire. Of course this is massively dangerous and it is a miracle no one has been injured by this.

Now here we are in 2018 so where do we stand on these hoverboards. They say that there is no such thing as bad press but in this case I believe many people have been put off buying the boards due to safety concerns. After having done some research I found the website who seem to be one of the biggest suppliers of these boards in the EU and they do have a page dedicated to safety and how their boards are safety certified. This would indicate to me that the concern over the boards is still there as most of the website is labelled with stuff about these boards.

After a bit more research you can see that most of the boards being sold are not only CE certified but also have certifications for the USA and something called a UL2272 which is some sort of battery certification. This should indicate that the batteries in these boards safe as they have gone through the correct testing.


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