How to stop your dash cam from crashing

As a musician, there are a lot of reasons for me to use the dash cam on my iPhone. I’ll want to record something at a show or a demo of a song, and the camcorder function works great for that purpose–it even allows users to easily upload their videos to YouTube.

Unfortunately, it’s got a few bugs in it, and one of the most common is crashing when uploading videos to YouTube. The iPhone may freeze or it may not allow the user to select a category, which can be frustrating; you have to try to upload videos multiple times, re-entering the information with the iPhone’s tiny keyboard each time.

Fortunately, it’s an easy bug to fix. Here are a few tips for stopping the iPhone’s “dash cam” app from crashing.

Keep enough space free. The dash cam app uses a lot of space and it may not work properly if you have less than about a gigabyte of free space on your iPhone. You can check your free space in the Settings menu or by plugging your iPhone into a computer and opening iTunes.

Try to keep at least a gigabyte of free space at all times–the iPhone generally operates better with a little bit of room.

Close the dash cam app and re-open it. To do this, go to your iPhone’s “Home” screen, then quickly press the “Home” button two times. Thumbnails of your current open Apps will be at the bottom of your screen. The dash cam app should be right near the beginning if you were recently using it.

Hold your finger on the dash cam app until a little red minus circle appears, then tap that minus. This closes the app, and you can reopen it to get the dash cam to work properly again.

If bugs persist and the dash cam app keeps crashing, reset your iPhone by holding the power button for a few seconds and swiping the red bar. When you turn the iPhone back on, dash cam issues shouldn’t occur unless there isn’t enough free space for the App to operate.

Check the “Category” tag first. The dash cam app will often prevent the iPhone user from selecting a YouTube category, which wastes a lot of the time you spent typing. To avoid this bug, always scroll down and make sure that you can use the “Category” tag when you’re trying to upload a video to YouTube.

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