Things to do before you sell your iPhone

It seems like there is a new iPhone being released every couple of months making the one you have feel older and older with each new release. Of course most people are happy with the phones they have and a lot of people only really upgrade because they feel the need to. Also the more new iPhone’s are released the less our currenty (older) model is worth. That said according to music magpie iPhone’s have the lowest depreciation of any brand of phone so that is good news for iPhone owners.

Getting a new iPhone can be a pain. Not just because they are expensive but the stress of moving all of your info on to a new phone can be a real pain especially if you are not that tech  inclined like a lot of people. A lot of people find getting a new phone daunting because of this task but to be fair to Apple at least all of their phones run on the same operating system so there is not too much new to learn there. Making sure you have your contacts backed up, texts, apps, photos, videos and whats app can all be a real stress.

The first thing to do when selling your iPhone is to back up all your contacts. You can do this using Apples cloud or any third party storage service but the iCloud is actually very cheap. Turning off Find my iPhone app is the next phase. Without this turned off no one else can use your phone. Once the phone is backed up you can factory reset or wipe the phone so none of your old data or details is there for anyone else to see.

If your phone is damaged you can still sell it online or trade it in to somewhere like who repair broken iPhone’s and resell them. This means that no matter what your iPhone is still worth something..even if it is only the chip inside that makes you a few euros!




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