What is the best action camera under £100?

There are many action cameras available these days including everything like action cameras from £50 all the way up to the thousands of pounds mark. So what is the difference between the various cameras and why is there such a drastic difference in the pricing of these cameras. Of course this is the case with pretty much any product. For example a car can range from £100 all the way up the hundreds of thousands. They are both cars but are they really the same..do they give the same performance? Are the engines the same? What about the technology? So this is exactly the same with action cameras.

The Sjcam was one of the first budget action cameras to really make an impact and it has been very successful. It is a high definition camera with multiple shooting modes and for the price it is a very good device. There are other options such as the YI smart action camera from https://www.yicameras.co.uk/ that is a level above the Sjcam but also a little more expensive. Both are very good budget action cameras and should be plenty good for the average user who just wants to record a trip or general things.

For those of you who are big into editing and photography then these may not be what you are looking for but that is quite the obvious case with anything. In this case a budget action camera should do anyone who wants to record a few videos a year such as a holiday with friends.

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