What to look for when buying an Electric scooter

Electric scooters are going to take the world by storm in the next couple of years. Companies like Lime are receiving millions of dollars in investment to launch their electric scooter rental business and it is a sign of things to come. Although they might not yet be socially acceptable neither was online dating for that matter only a decade ago and now everyone is doing it. Electric scooters are an immediate solution to a lot of problems in many world cities all over the world. That being overcrowding and pollution as major ones. A few issues need to be resolved first such as where can people ride them and is there infrastructure in place for a large percentage of the population to ride these electric scooters?

What does the law say about electric scooters?

electric scooterThe law says in Ireland that to ride an electric scooter you need to have a license an insurance. This is silly and will more than likely be changed in the coming months or years as even the government are recognizing the potential of these electric scooters in Ireland’s towns and cities. The minister for transport will surely put in place a new law for these electric scooters which will be more like the bike laws rather than a motorized vehicle which they are currently classed as now.

A new market:

With new inventions comes new markets and it is good for business. Think of the iPhone for example, you have iPhone repairs and people selling used iPhone’s so a whole new industry was created. The same will be for electric scooters with Irish companies like iesearch leading the way forward. We truly believe this is the future both here in Ireland and further afield.





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